Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top 5 Video Games I've Played in the Past Week

With the forum not pulling in a lot of traffic, I figured I'd post my Top 5 lists on here from now on. We'll kick it off with something completely transient and random.

Top 5 Games I've Played in the Past Week
  1. Rock Band 2 - What can I say? I love the bastard.
  2. Army of Two - I played it online for the first time last week, and it's kind of intriguing. Plus I've still got hundreds of achievement points to earn.
  3. Pizza Tycoon - It's losing steam, though, as the sheer number of stores is getting tough to manage.
  4. Guitar Hero III - It's not perfect, but the basic tenets are up my alley...figuratively.
  5. Grand Theft Auto IV - I may be done with the story part of the game, but there's still plenty to do (and destroy) in Liberty City.

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Nick said...

My top 5

5. Worms - Simple and fun. Blow up other worms with awesome weapons. When you get really good you can do cool tricks.
4. NHL 2009 - My favorite multiplayer sports game. Causes sweet rivalries and fights with friends.
3. Left 4 Dead - Great online play withh campaign and versus mode (play as zombies)
2. Mercenaries 2 - Just like Grand Theft Auto but in a venezuelan waz zone. Airstrikes, attack choppers and tanks, what more can you want.
1. Castle Crashers - The most fun I've ever had playing a 2D scroller. The graphics are cartoony the gameplay is simple and the story is immature...I love it!

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