Monday, March 9, 2009

Draft Review & Projections

Last year, I went round-by-round and made commentary on our keeper baseball draft. Will I do it again? For now, I say no; you can only hear about how you were wrong about Jermaine Dye so many times before you decide not to talk about it anymore. I will, however, give you the empirical projections I've created each of the past few years to determine how each team should pan out as far as overall statistics.

This year's overall projections are here, and along with the raw stats, I've taken that extra step and figured out the final standings according to those projections. As always, take these projections with a grain of salt. I projected the Enforcers to finish somewhere around 8th last season, and they ended up winning it all. And I've still not figured out exactly how to work with the fact that starting pitchers get rotated in and out and will often be benched for several starts during the season.

I'll keep at it.


Chip said...

I did not draft enough for power or saves. I did get those SBs that I didn't have last year though.

Anonymous said...

I'm going from worst to first baby. Proving that it can be done. I just need the Orioles to follow my lead!

Chip said...

You know Joe, you could just say, "Mercer AutoWreckers had one of the most incredible drafts of all time." I'd count that as a draft review. Anything else... eh... not so much.

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