Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Something's Gotta Give

I know. It's not going to last. I don't have a first-place quality team. Jimmy Rollins and Ian Kinsler aren't going to hit 40 homers apiece. Adam Dunn's batting average will dip below .240. This team will fall apart, and it'll be that much more disappointing because it really looked like we'd be in it right up to the end.

How do people deal with the rigors of being in first place, year-in and year-out? How do you do it, Plundo? I'm up 20 points on the next closest team, and I'm scouring the waiver wire for a "savior." Am I simply insane? Maybe this is why I've never competed in the past; I just don't have the head for it.

Chip, save me some room at the bottom. I'm comin' for you.


Chip said...

Come on down! The weather's great!

plundoctor said...

Man, first time here and I find out that i've been mentioned in almost every post... Little did I know that Joe had such an interest in me. This is explains all of the nude pictures that i've been receiving in the mail... of a fluffy gentleman with the head cut off to protect his identity. I see it clearly now.

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