Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Rock Band 2 Band Is Made Up Of Former Wrestlers

You would think that the title pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the situation, and you might be right. But I'm going to tell you more.

My band in the original game was a hodgepodge, including Dr. Heimlich (a Southern rock guitarist from Berlin), Sticks McGee (a punk drummer), Dylan (a hillbilly off-the-street singer), and joe2 (a hastily created second guitarist). I also had a female singer, "Chick," created for when girls wanted to join in. That band was fine, and I'm not mad about the way it turned out. But I felt like I was under-utilizing the options the game gives for customizing characters. Then, while visiting the other Joe (from Joe & Joe Sports), he told me his band would be called Donnybrooks, and the members of his band would be assorted trouble-making baseball players.

I liked the idea of having a themed band, and since I've recently been reading about and watching a lot of old wrestlers, I decided it was as valid a theme as any. I was a little worried about how well I'd be able to execute the idea at first, so I started with perhaps the most recognizable face in wrestling history, Hulk Hogan. And I've got to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was able to craft the Hulkster. The key was the bald top/long around the sides hairstyle. I combined that with a chopper mustache, and I'm looking forward to hearing what people think of it when they see him.

Second on the list was "Macho Man" Randy Savage. I used the same haircut for Savage, but a full beard instead, and made it all black. Savage is also shorter and leaner, and when I get some money together from touring, I'll buy him some sunglasses and a hot pink outfit with a hot pink cowboy hat. It's gonna kick ass.

I've added three more band members for now: Ric Flair, Honky Tonk Man, and UltimateWarrior (so named because I didn't have enough characters to put a space in between the words). I've got face paint on the warrior, as well as tattoos that sort of look like the streamers he'd wear around his biceps.

The band name: The Ring Ropes. See you at the show.


nick said...

i too have a themed band and am pleased with the result. my old roommate Patrick and I have a band made up of super villains. Some of the villains are real, some created for fun. Our band name is "Drats! Foiled Again!" We have Dr. Horrible, name taken from a Neil Patrick Harris character, on vocals. Kaiser soce wailing on lead guitar. Then we have Suck Dicula, who happens to be a gay vampire (Patrick) on drums. Finally, there is our bassist Sarah Palin. It definitely enhances the fun for me when you see your created characters come to life. Can't wait to see your band, Joe.

Joe Mattingly said...

Here you go: Keyser Söze


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