Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fantasy Football: Kicker and Defense Rankings

I don't make lists for kickers or defenses. You know why? Because defenses are very difficult to predict, and kickers are impossible to predict. Allow me to show you why kickers are a joke.

These are the top point-scoring kickers for the past three years, and where they were drafted in my main league, relative to other kickers:

2007: Mason Crosby (undrafted)
2006: Robbie Gould (undrafted)
2005: Neil Rackers (undrafted)
2004: Adam Vinatieri (10th kicker taken)

Each of those guys was obviously taken among the first few kickers off the board the next season, and each time the person who took him was disappointed. At some point, you have to grow up and realize that there's no way to predict a kicker's performance from year to year. So just pick one up whenever and know that he won't be that much worse than any other kicker could've been.

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