Friday, June 20, 2008

Fantasy Football Mock Draft - Round 2

Round 2
  1. Willis McGahee
  2. Clinton Portis
  3. Reggie Wayne
  4. Marshawn Lynch
  5. Larry Johnson
  6. Ryan Grant
  7. Terrell Owens
  8. Maurice Jones-Drew
  9. Andre Johnson
  10. Tony Romo

Analysis: This pick probably befuddles you even more than the first one. A couple of high level running backs are still around in Johnson and Grant, but we went with Wayne to lock in one of the most reliable and productive options at WR over the past five years. His numbers are right up there with the best in football, and he’s essentially taken over the #1 slot from Harrison. Owens is a fine pick here as well, but you just never know with Owens. Wayne is a rock. Still no running back, and you’re probably telling your children to hide their eyes from how this team will look in the end...

...oh, who am I kidding? If you care this much about fantasy football, no woman would sleep with you. So barring an adoption (likely a result of a string of escalating dares), you've got no children with eyes to shield.

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