Monday, September 17, 2007

Space Race

Not really a "space race," but a race. I challenge Chip (and whomever else might be interested) to a race to beat any long-term RPG game that we have or is easily obtained. I have most NES and many SNES role-playing games. It'd be awesome if we all had Final Fantasy X, because that's a great game to play through, but neither of us even has a PS2, let alone the game.

So what say you, cowards and weaklings? Do you dare rise to the challenge made by someone who's got a glorious amount of free time?


Chip said...

Its probably a definite loss for me, unless I catch Joe with some major school projects, but who cares... I'm IN.

Pick your poison, I'm sure there's a means to get it. I'd prefer a game I haven't played yet (just for something new).

Keep me informed... we can even post updates so people can "watch" our progress.

Joe Mattingly said...

I figured you were man enough to compete. Now we just need a few others to fill out the field.

Of course, there'll be something of the honor system in effect here, since we won't be monitoring each others' every move. I don't imagine it'll be a problem for me or Chip, but if someone like that gypsy Sam Cole tries to join in, who knows what sort of tom-foolery he'll bring about.

Chip said...

I'm going to start "juicing" right now. Performance-Enhancing Drugs, specifically HGH, will give me a HUGE edge here.

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