Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MNF booth

I got a few quick glimpses of the Monday Night game last night between San Fransisco and Denver. Ron Jaworski debuted with Tony Kornheiser and Mike Tirico. I've briefly caught Ron's booth work last year when ESPN/ABC hosted two Monday night games on the kick-off weekend, and I've liked his work.

I didn't watch a lot of it because I was flipping through the Ravens/Eagles game and the Orioles/Yankees game, but from what I saw, I was very impressed. I think Jaws clicks extremely well with Tony K. Mike Tirico is more of a moderator that maintains focus. If he wasn't there, the booth might side-track off the on-field action.

Either way, I'm a lot more excited now for Monday Night Football than I was when Joe Theismann was doing his thing.

Anyone else check it out? Any comments?

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GoodPointJoe said...

I have never been and likely will never be more or less excited for Monday Night Football based on the commentary. I didn't expect Dennis Miller to be good, nor did I think he was very good, but for me, football broadcasts are football broadcasts.

That being said, I have enjoyed the coverage I've seen this preseason so far with Jaworski instead of Theismann. I didn't really have any particular problem with Theismann as many did, but swapping him for Jaworski certainly hasn't hurt the broacast.

One last thing. I will go out of my way to hear Madden commentate. He's knowledgeable and quirky, a perfect combination. He also appears to enjoy a good sandwich, which we have in common.

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